Monday, March 30, 2009

Tutus for kids

.There's a flamingo, a lemur and a birdie tutu. It uses a cute little mesh by Aelia (included in download).

download from mediafire
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Taranis (summer)

The story of Taranis and Saelje

One lovely summer day, Saelje decided it was a good day for a stroll.

She walked to the nearby forest.

Deep in the woods, she spotted a beautiful giant oak.

It was just the right spot for a little rest.

The oak felt warm on her back, and Saelje soon fell asleep.

"Oh!" said the tree spirit.. "there's a lovely lady sleeping by my tree."

The tree spirit decided to hop down and have a closer look.

"Hello,lovely lady" said the tree spirit, "I'm Taranis, the spirit of this oak"

 Saelje was suddenly transformed into a younger self. "My name is Saelje" she said.

Taranis took her hand. "It's nice to meet you, and you're welcome to visit my tree."

They began to dance.

They danced and danced in the warm summer day.

They danced all day, and into the evening.

They danced till it was quite dark.

But Saelje was dreaming.

"Oh, goodness.. it's so late!" Thought Saelje. "And what a wonderful dream I've just had"

She hurried home in the moonlit night.

(part 2 -autumn- follows below)

Taranis (autumn)

Months later, Saelje again decided that it was a lovely day for a stroll.

She walked through the brisk autumn weather, into the nearby forest.

There was her oak tree, where she had that lovely dream last summer.

She sat down to rest a while.

 Saelje passed some time reading a book about faeries.

But the warmth of the oak tree on her back made her sleepy, and she settled down for a nap.

"Hello!" said Taranis. "The pretty lady has come back to visit!"

He hopped down and gave Saelje a warm hug.

 And Saelje again transformed into herself as a younger woman.

They danced once more.

This time, Taranis took her up into the sky.

They flew together over the forest canopy.

High high up into the sky.

They flew all day, what a wonderful and exillerating feeling it was.

Towards evening, Saelje suddenly began to fall.

She fell through the branches.

And landed softly on the autumn leaves.

"Oh my!" She suddenly woke up. "I've been dreaming again."

She hurried home in the chilly night.

(part 3 -winter- follows below)

Taranis (winter)

Months later, Saelje looked outside. It had just started to snow. "Maybe I'll go for a little walk." She decided.

She went to the forest, strait to her oak tree.

She settled against the tree's warm trunk.

Taranis was there, waiting for her.

He was very happy to see his lovely lady again.

As he gave her a warm kiss, she became young once again.

He took her up into the sky.

Up, up, and out of the forest they flew.

As they flew through the woods, it became springtime.

Butterflies greeted them in the air, as it became summertime.

In the distance, Saelje saw a giant tree. "That's my home" said Taranis.

They drifted gently down into a meadow of flowers, where other faeries played music, and danced in the sun.

Taranis and Saelje joined them in the faerie dance.

Taranis asked Saelje, "Would you stay here with me, and we can dance and fly and love?"

Oh yes!" exclaimed Saelje. "That would be wonderful!"

And so Taranis went to his oak tree in Saelje's world, and magicked her, so she could stay with him forever.

Yes, Saelje was so fast asleep, the snow had settled around her, chilling her body down.

She was still there the next morning, but she was not breathing.

She was living with Taranis in the forever land of dancing, flying and loving.