Monday, March 23, 2009

Taranis (autumn)

Months later, Saelje again decided that it was a lovely day for a stroll.

She walked through the brisk autumn weather, into the nearby forest.

There was her oak tree, where she had that lovely dream last summer.

She sat down to rest a while.

 Saelje passed some time reading a book about faeries.

But the warmth of the oak tree on her back made her sleepy, and she settled down for a nap.

"Hello!" said Taranis. "The pretty lady has come back to visit!"

He hopped down and gave Saelje a warm hug.

 And Saelje again transformed into herself as a younger woman.

They danced once more.

This time, Taranis took her up into the sky.

They flew together over the forest canopy.

High high up into the sky.

They flew all day, what a wonderful and exillerating feeling it was.

Towards evening, Saelje suddenly began to fall.

She fell through the branches.

And landed softly on the autumn leaves.

"Oh my!" She suddenly woke up. "I've been dreaming again."

She hurried home in the chilly night.

(part 3 -winter- follows below)

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