Monday, March 23, 2009

Taranis (summer)

The story of Taranis and Saelje

One lovely summer day, Saelje decided it was a good day for a stroll.

She walked to the nearby forest.

Deep in the woods, she spotted a beautiful giant oak.

It was just the right spot for a little rest.

The oak felt warm on her back, and Saelje soon fell asleep.

"Oh!" said the tree spirit.. "there's a lovely lady sleeping by my tree."

The tree spirit decided to hop down and have a closer look.

"Hello,lovely lady" said the tree spirit, "I'm Taranis, the spirit of this oak"

 Saelje was suddenly transformed into a younger self. "My name is Saelje" she said.

Taranis took her hand. "It's nice to meet you, and you're welcome to visit my tree."

They began to dance.

They danced and danced in the warm summer day.

They danced all day, and into the evening.

They danced till it was quite dark.

But Saelje was dreaming.

"Oh, goodness.. it's so late!" Thought Saelje. "And what a wonderful dream I've just had"

She hurried home in the moonlit night.

(part 2 -autumn- follows below)

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